Harpans redovisnings primary goal is to secure our customer’s business through responsible accounting, delivery of correct final accounts and assistance by advising, through cooperation with both you as a customer and appropriate authorities.

Your success is our success and no questions are unjustified.

Monica Elliot

Founder and owner

Monica has a solid education in economy and accounting from IHM Business School in Stockholm and has, since launch in 2011, successfully run Harpans Redovisning. Her interest in economy started already in 1999 when she graduated from Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Royal Academy of Music) in Stockholm and started her own company as a freelance musician. Her driving force is the ambition to help companies realizing their dreams and to clarify the annoyance of administration and bureaucracy that a lot of people experience when regulations are constantly changing.


Niklas Elliot

Owner, Marketing, Media and IT

Niklas has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and media and is also running Elliot Media AB that is, amongst others, helping companies visualizing their services.


See also www.elliotmedia.se

Magda Holmberg


Magda is the detective in the office and there is no problem she can’t solve.

She has an academical education in mathematics at the University of Havana and has also studied business law at Jensen Education. Finally, Magda has a degree from IHM Business School as accountant.


Daniel Suárez


Daniel is the creator of harmony in the office. He is calm and methodical, and the most stressed person in a meeting with him will soon feel relaxed.

Daniel has, in addition to a degree from Stockholm IHM Business School in accounting, a 5-year university degree from UDELAR in Montevideo, Uruguay where he studied law, economics, mathematics, statistics and corporate economy. He has worked with economy and accounting since 2004.




Viktoria is a safe and helping hand and she takes care of both accounting and administration. She has previously worked as accounting assistant for many years, amongst others in Valencia in Spain.


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